Asset Finance Group

At the Asset Finance Group (AFG) our brokers specialise in sourcing asset finance solutions for all sizes of businesses within the UK.

Asset finance is a powerful approach for businesses to keep valuable cash available at the same time as investing in the equipment that their business requires for day to day operation. The alternative is to commit significant sums of capital investing in equipment at a time when the old saying ‘cash is king’ holds true even more than ever.

Asset refinancing also provides a fast solution to raising cash for your business, often within days. Our brokers have experience of refinancing equipment and getting the cash into our client’s bank accounts within days of the initial request from the client. If you have existing equipment or plant or machinery then consider asset refinancing as a route to releasing cash quickly with the benefit of having predictable ongoing repayments that you can build into your budgets.

Speed… Cash can be available within days.
Simplicity… We keep it simple, our brokers understand the market and recommend the best solution for your unique requirements.
Experience… Our experience makes your life easier.
Success… We have a long track record of successfully financing assets for our clients.

We are experts at finding the best asset finance or equipment finance option for our clients. We use our many years of experience to help our clients cut through the jargon and slice through what can be a bewildering array of finance choices to determine the best asset finance solution for their specific requirements.

Every business is unique and every business therefore has specific issues that need to be taken into account when selecting the right financing solution. Our approach is to use our experience and contacts to make the process simple for our clients so that they can focus on running their businesses rather than becoming finance experts. The end result is that we make our client’s lives easier.

There are a wide range of assets which can be financed or refinanced, together with numerous financing options. The table below gives an indication of some of the types of assets and some of the financing options which we can help arrange finance for:

Type of Asset Finance Options
Hire Purchase Finance Lease Operating Lease Sale & Leaseback
Cars and vans Available Available Available Available
Business technology Available Available Available Available
Plant and machinery Available Available Available Available
HGVs Available Available Available Available
Buses and coaches Available Available Available Available
Construction & handling equipment Available Available Available Available
Agricultural equipment Available Available Available Available

Our asset finance brokers also have experience in arranging finance for more unusual assets and with more unusual finance structures (for example, Sale and Hire Purchase Back), so whatever your needs are we are likely to be able to source finance.

Request a quote now and see how we can help meet your asset financing needs.