The Asset Finance Group brokers have over 20 years experience in arranging commercial finance in the UK for a broad range of businesses and their assets. They are members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, which is the UK’s trade body for business finance brokers.

Our brokers are commercial finance experts and have specialist experience in arranging asset finance for businesses. This experience means that that they quickly understand the client’s business and funding requirements and whether there is a realistic funding solution for the client.

Our brokers are not tied to any specific bank or funding provider and therefore have the flexibility to source funding from different providers according to the client’s specific requirements at that moment in time.

Our brokers know what can be funded and can save you hours of effort by approaching the right providers with an understanding of the paperwork etc that they require and coming back with a workable solution for your specific need.

Asset Finance Group is a trading name of RMX Ltd.