Bus and Coach Financing

One challenge for many bus and coach companies is how to find the capital required to replace individual coaches or buses within their fleets as they age. Clearly most coaches have long term useful lives which make them ideal candidates for bus and coach financing. By using bus and coach leasing the client can upgrade their fleet of coaches and improve the service offered to their customers at the same time as aligning the ongoing lease payments with the revenue generated by the new coaches. In many cases it would not be feasible for a coach company to source the entire value of a coach and hence they turn to our brokers to put in place a suitable financing arrangement.

This is typically a competitive area of finance and our clients generally get multiple finance quotations and informal offers from a number of lenders including via the dealers who may provide the coaches. Our brokers will review the profile of our client’s business and determine the most appropriate solution for the client, whether that be a longer term agreement or else an agreement structured with lower levels of security over the client’s business or even personal assets. Every case is different and needs experience to determine the best solution.
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