This section contains the answers to a number of frequently asked questions (FAQs)  relating to asset finance.

How can I tell if an asset can be financed?

As a rule of thumb you should be able to see, touch and move (with the exception of property) the asset in order for it to be financeable.

What can be financed?


Light commercial vehicles (LCVs), such as vans and small trucks

Heavy commercial vehicles (HGVs), including tractor units


Construction equipment, such as diggers/excavators, dumpers and cranes

Fork Lift Trucks

Buses & Coaches

Agricultural Equipment (tractors, combine harvesters)

Computer Hardware

Printing equipment (including printing presses and finishing/binding equipment)

Engineering equipment and machinery (CNC lathes/mills, metal fabrication equipment)

Wood working lathes

Injection moulding machines

Catering equipment

Commercial gym equipment


Marine and aviation craft

What type of financing can be done?

There is a broad range of asset financing alternative which also depends on the type of asset being financed.  Examples include:

Machinery leasing

Bus and Coach financing

Commercial equipment leasing

What is the maximum value that can be financed?

As can be seen by the examples on this website there a no absolute limits the values that can be financed.  We specialise in commercial asset finance and are willing to consider each financing request on its merits.

What is the information required to put in place finance?

The amount of information required varies according to the requirements of each financial provider.  Our brokers handle the paperwork and based on our experience they produce a proposal for the funder which reflects the funders information requirements.  For smaller transactions less information is required and for larger funding requirements some or all of the following will need to be included:

  • Latest statutory accounts
  • Management accounts and/or latest bank statements
  • Background on the business and its directors
  • Full details of the equipment being purchased and the supplier(s)
  • Reason for asset purchase

In general our brokers will visit your site to gather the information and then prepare and submit the paperwork when they return to the office.